Something Happened LLC was founded on the idea that, well, sometimes just about all you can say is ‘something happened!’

Why Choose UsWhy Choose Us

Not all small businesses have enough money to hire a full-time IT staff – nor do they even have the need for it – but we all use technology and need someone to support it.  That’s where IT service providers come into play: you can make an agreement for various services for an hourly, monthly, or annual rate, usually bound by a contract.  So why choose us?

Unfortunately, in addition to the contract, most IT service providers want you to do things their way.  When you hire on a new IT service provider they’ll likely want you to buy new hardware – firewalls, servers, computers, networking equipment, etc.  They may even make you switch your email and website provider!  In the end this makes things very easy for the provider because they’re already well-trained on everything they want to sell you – but this method can be very expensive for you, up to or even exceeding $65,000!

Something Happened LLC is different…

About Something HappenedAbout Us

We specialize in reactive, break-fix, time-and-materials type of support.  We are happy to work with your existing hardware and software to get you back up and running after ‘something happened.’  Not only that, but we do it at a convenient hourly rate with no contracts, no required purchases, and no fuss.  Simple – Call us after ‘something happened’ and we’ll happily jump in and fix it.

While reactive support is our forte, we also offer a number of proactive services including backups, disaster recovery solutions, antivirus, and system monitoring.  We can also assist your existing IT team with projects and contracting services.  Finally, of course, we can offer consultations on whatever you may need, pointing you in the right direction for your business and helping you make the right purchases.

Meet the Team

We invite you to meet the team that makes up Something Happened.  You’ll notice we all have ‘Problem Solver’ in our title because at the end of the day, that’s what we do.

Dave Everett

Owner, Technician, Consultant… Problem Solver!

Meet the Team - Dave EverettDave’s father got him interested in computers at a young age – in fact, he was building computers and learning software development as young as age 8.  Ten years later Dave had graduated high school and gotten his first job in the IT field providing support to end users for a software company.  From there he worked his way up and through a few other companies including an Internet Service Provider, two Managed Services Providers, and another software company – and of course doing various side jobs here and there.

Here we are another ten years later – Dave has developed a wide range of real-world knowledge dealing with computer issues, responding to emergencies, and meeting and clearly communicating with clients.  It’s this real-world knowledge and front-line experience working with computer issues – not going by what the book says is supposed to happen – that makes Dave efficient and inspires his outside-the-box problem solving methods.  In August 2016 Something Happened LLC was formed, so Dave could continue to support small businesses.

When not working (or playing) on computers Dave enjoys going for a nice drive or visiting a local car show.  Dave’s no gearhead and can’t identify most cars or car parts, be he enjoys watching, looking, and learning.


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